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Property Maintenance

Homeowner Tips #2

Dreaming of warm sunny 😎 days and summer fun in the pool 🏊🍹? A fun fact from talking to several contractors recently. When it comes time to replaster, IF you choose a dark color instead of one like this, spend a bit extra upfron...

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It’s Going To Be A Hot Summer

It's going to be a LONG - HOT Summer! How often should you deep water Parkway trees? Water deeply by setting your hose on a slow trickle or using a soaker hose near the base of the tree. Leave the hose on trickle for about 2 hours. On average...

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  This January we are sharing ways to check on your home after all of the recent rainfall. In fact, we started a series last year for tips on ways to LOVE your LAND.   See all at Loveland Carr YouTube channel   ...

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Tips for March

Before “springing ahead” we're getting a jump on things to maximize beauty and comfort at our homes in the warmer months. YOU can too! The March Maintenance Minute may provide just inspiration you need. Remember to set your clock...

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Local Resource List for Homeowners in HPOZs

If you own a home in a historical preservation overlay zone (HPOZ) and are looking for resources that might useful, the following are from my Melrose Hill HPOZ Preservation Plan.  Please let me know if you have additional ones to include.  Ne...

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The “Golden Age” of the Foundation

Recently, I have been involved in the sale of a property requiring a full foundation replacement.  Local expert Paul McGrath of McGrath Contracting shared a few trends which I found interesting and helpful. Some of the homes built in the 1...

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