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November Hancock Park Real Estate Market Update

November 2023 Hancock Park Update SAG-AFTRA strike is over and Larchmont Village finally has a little market again with Cookbook in the former Chan Dara space. La Bettola di Terroni is in the full swing of things offering its patrons a f...

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LA’s Luxury Market Update

Change is constant and it appears as though change will continue to move at an exponential rate henceforth.  And yet, Real Estate is still the best hedge against inflation.  The stock market, crypto currency, regional banks, commodity prices,...

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It’s Going To Be A Hot Summer

It's going to be a LONG - HOT Summer! How often should you deep water Parkway trees? Water deeply by setting your hose on a slow trickle or using a soaker hose near the base of the tree. Leave the hose on trickle for about 2 hours. On average...

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1031 Exchange Tip

Attention Investors: Anxious about finding a suitable replacement property for your 1031 exchange in time, especially in today’s low inventory environment? Check out DTS products (Delaware Statutory Trust) which are investment grade proper...

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June 2023 Market Update for Hancock Park

Even with a Writer’s Strike many offers were (and are being) written in Hancock Park. Multiple offers continue for the most prized locations and many are still offering cash. For the month of May there were 9 sales down from 18 in M...

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Home is Where the HEART Is

Next Friday, June 2nd, from 10am to 11am, FREE CPR training will be provided courtesy of the brave and kind citizens from the Los Angeles Fire Department Community Emergency Response Team (CERT). Please join us! Feel free to bring a friend. ...

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The 27th Annual Baby Show Off!

It's that time of year! Janet, Sue, and Anne are so proud to welcome moms and their new ones to the 27th Annual Baby Show Off Garden Party. Started in 1987, the Baby Show Off was a fun, casual way  for new moms to make and meet friends w...

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