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Events in Turkey are a good reminder to get PREPARED

When LA experiences the next 'big one' experts tell us that we will likely be on our own for at least two weeks. Expect no power, gas or running water. It's a good time to check the essentials for you and your family. Water (1 gallon per p...

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Q4 2022 Market Update

Q4 2022 Market Update in Hancock Park

Dare we say the market is ‘normalizing’? Q4 2022 was a time for social re-engagement after nearly 3 years. Our local Larchmont Family Fair was well attended as were many joyful holiday parties. What a great community we call home! The...

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California Real Estate Market Update & Forecast

The California Association of Realtors releases its 2023 housing market forecast. Each neighborhood has its nuances but overall, the market is 'normalizing' after a fierce last 2 years. The Hancock Park real estate market continues to be act...

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Q3 2022 Market Update in Hancock Park

Summer vacations were clearly top priority in Q3 2022! Agents, sellers and buyers finally took a breath in June and July, regained perspective and by August the pace of sales picked up before the September rate hike. The Federal Reserve’s mov...

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Hancock Park in Architectural Digest!

Tucked just below Paramount Studios and about five miles east of Beverly Hills sits Hancock Park, a hundred-year-old Los Angeles neighborhood with a rich history. It may not have the name recognition that the 90210 boasts, but it’s been a...

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Larchmont Village turned 100 and the centennial was celebrated with CAKE! The October edition of the Chronicle delivered a great spread spanning the decades. Neighbors pulled together to refresh and re-launch the beloved Center for Yoga. Great ...

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Real Estate Sales Over $5MM Market Update

    New records abound across Los Angeles for Estates! Year to date that have been 321 closed sales over $5+million versus 172 at this time last year.  Up an amazing 87%. The buyers were mostly American (75% of purchases)....

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People have been on the move – Sellers, Buyers and Real Estate professionals!!! The market is the strongest we have ever seen it so if you or someone you know is thinking of selling, call Loveland Carr NOW to discuss options. Q1 volume ...

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Tips for March

Before “springing ahead” we're getting a jump on things to maximize beauty and comfort at our homes in the warmer months. YOU can too! The March Maintenance Minute may provide just inspiration you need. Remember to set your clock...

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Hancock Park: A Bigger Bird’s-eye View

A week does not go by when I am not defining the boundaries of Hancock Park. This topic arises at most Sunday open houses, social engagements across town or out of state. I usually start by saying that we are located between Downtown Los An...

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