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1st Quarter Update

Happy Spring to all! Here are some key highlights of Q1 2018 versus Q1 2017:

  • Homes Over $2 Million – 15 Sold Versus 31. 
    • $56.5 million sold, $71.2 million LESS than in Q1 2017! Buyer demand remains strong while fewer properties are available for sale. It’s a great time to sell!
  • Homes Under $2 Million – 12 Sold Versus 11. 
    • $20.3 million sold, $4 million more than in Q1 2017.
    • Interesting to note that land value for approximately 7,000 square feet of land is now over $1.4 million.
  • There were only 3 sales under $2 million in all of Hancock park and Windsor Square HPOZs. Larchmont Village and Brookside provide the most opportunities for these buyers.
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