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Open Houses

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06/04/2023 (1:00PM-4:00PM)Hancock Park165 S Hudson Ave$9,995,00058679,19819,638
06/04/2023 (1:00PM-4:00PM)Hancock Park109 Fremont Pl$7,500,0002465,15738,935
06/04/2023 (1:00PM-4:00PM)Hancock Park315 N Mccadden Pl$5,900,00017564,92611,557
06/04/2023 (1:00PM-4:00PM)Hancock Park126 N Rossmore Ave$5,750,00012545,95520,001
06/04/2023 (1:00PM-4:00PM)Hancock Park96 Fremont Pl$4,999,00026534,11214,470
06/04/2023 (1:00PM-4:00PM)Hancock Park132 S Lucerne Blvd$4,195,00053453,3996,498
06/04/2023 (1:00PM-4:00PM)Hancock Park233 S Larchmont Blvd$3,999,90015673,7808,408
06/04/2023 (2:00AM-4:00PM)Hancock Park527 N Cherokee Ave$3,995,00037563,6896,991
06/04/2023 (2:00PM-4:00PM)Hancock Park547 N Highland Ave$2,799,00091633,6887,653
06/04/2023 (2:00PM-5:00PM)Hancock Park413 N Orange Dr$2,799,00018744,5927,446
06/04/2023 (2:00PM-5:00PM)Hancock Park1022 S Longwood Ave$2,599,00056542,8586,191
06/04/2023 (2:00PM-5:00PM)Hancock Park624 N Highland Ave$2,270,00025332,2776,814
06/04/2023 (2:00PM-5:00PM)Hancock Park1017 S Windsor Blvd$2,095,00052442,0649,783
06/04/2023 (2:00PM-5:00PM)Hancock Park1043 S Victoria Ave$1,799,00052431,8518,586
06/04/2023 (2:00PM-5:00PM)Hancock Park1042 1044 S Mansfield AVE$1,799,00033634,3146,852
06/04/2023 (2:00PM-5:00PM)Hancock Park1042 1044 S Mansfield AVE$1,799,00033644,3146,852
06/04/2023 (2:00PM-5:00PM)Hancock Park516 N Bronson Ave$1,750,0006321,5124,140
06/04/2023 (2:00PM-5:00PM)Hancock Park4415 W 5th St$1,650,00063221,1673,014
06/04/2023 (2:00PM-5:00PM)Hancock Park629 S Sycamore Ave$1,550,00015221,4676,506
06/04/2023 (2:00PM-5:00PM)Hancock Park1215 S Citrus Ave$1,499,000643,1726,249
06/04/2023 (2:00PM-5:00PM)Hancock Park120 N Harvard Blvd$1,399,000321,80310,256
06/04/2023 (2:00PM-5:00PM)Hancock Park4595 Wilshire Blvd #106$1,190,000221,85237,757
06/04/2023 (2:00PM-5:00PM)Hancock Park651 Wilcox Ave #2E$929,00025231,713118,803
06/04/2023 (2:00PM-5:00PM)Hancock Park140 S Gramercy Pl #1$879,0007231,2407,052
06/04/2023 (2:00PM-5:00PM)Hancock Park160 N McCadden Pl - Lease$16,900215610,194
06/04/2023 (2:00PM-5:00PM)Hancock Park341 N Orange Dr - Lease$7,7502332,9927,155

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