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Events in Turkey are a good reminder to get PREPARED

When LA experiences the next ‘big one’ experts tell us that we will likely be on our own for at least two weeks. Expect no power, gas or running water. It’s a good time to check the essentials for you and your family.

  • Water (1 gallon per person for two weeks just for drinking) and food are essential
  • Sturdy shoes, flashlights, and glasses under your bed & in your car. Anne has a bicycle helmet too!
  • Fire extinguishers. We were told to shake upside down every six months.
  • Cash on hand as ATM will not work. Small bills of $20 and lower
  • Get supplies from the SOS Store in Van Nuys or online

Download the Los Angeles Fire Department’s Emergency Preparedness Guide

Or this 6 page summary of what to do Before, During and After.

Join a Los Angeles Fire Department Community Emergency Response Team (CERT class)

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