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Homeowners are speaking up!

In response to more building and “masonization” homeowners are speaking up again. This time homeowners in the Brookside and Sycamore Square neighborhoods are seeking protection from the city via an Interim Control Ordinance (ICO). The measure could put a 22-month stop to demolition of small homes. The meeting will take place tomorrow at City Hall at 10am. Let’s see what happens. Click here for more details reported on the Larchmont Buzz.

In February 2015 the same measure was taken to protect the following local neighborhoods including:

-Larchmont Village or “Heights” (Beverly to Melrose , Arden to Wilton)
-Sunset Square (Sunset to Hollywood, Fairfax to Vista)
-Carthay Square (Olympic to Pico, Fairfax to Crescent Heights)
-Oxford Square (Olympic to Pico, Crenshaw to Plymouth)
-South Hollywood (Melrose to Willoughby, June to Highland)
-Faircrest Heights (Pico to Venice, Fairfax to La Cienga)
-Fairfax Area (Beverly to Melrose, Gardener to La Brea)
-LaBrea Hancock (3rd to Wilshire, Highland to La Brea)
-Miracle Mile (Wilshire to San Vicente, La Brea to Fairfax)

Hancock Park and Windsor Square homeowners have been not had to jump through the same hoops recently. Years ago a small group of volunteers knew the risks and organized. As a result these neighborhoods have enjoyed the protection of Historic Preservation Overly Zone (HPOZ) for nearly 10 years. Values continue to rise. Homeowners and new buyers enjoy the peace of mind that the historic neighborhoods will retain their natural beauty and scale.

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