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NAR Settlement: Our Take

By now you have likely been showered with stories about the National Association Realtors (NAR) class action suit regarding real estate commissions. The media has whipped up a storm of confusion. Change is ahead indeed and many details are still getting worked out in the courts over the next several months.

In the meantime, agents, brokerages, lenders, escrow, title, the MLS, et al in the industry are navigating through the momentary fog and turbulence.

What is clear and immutable today:

  • Homes will continue to be bought and sold
  • There are two sides to every successful transaction
  • All consumers wants protection, transparency and fair dealing

Even we, with 40 years of experience, would hire a professional for our own purchase or sale. In fact, we have!

We know all too well that emotions run high and a seasoned guide is a lighthouse. Janet, Sue and I remain steadfast for you, our ‘sea-faring’ public. Our intent is to continue to be a safe harbor for you as you navigate these buffering waves. In these last months we have been and will continue to seize all opportunities to ask questions, remain open-minded and thoughtfully adapt. As we wade through the choppy waters, our focus is to discover where and how we will integrate needed changes with our 40 years of expertise to provide the soundest guidance in a new environment. We promise to sound the foghorn when it is important and relevant.

As always, we welcome your questions and thoughts. Together we will illuminate a way home.


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