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February Market Update

February was the wettest month since 1998 with over 12” of rain, the 7th wettest month overall in the LA’s 150 year recorded history, according to the NY Times. This did not deter buyers! Sales, as demonstrated by the number of pendi...

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Local Impact of Elections

We would like to share the most recent communication from the Hancock Park Homeowners Association that relates to the primary election. Many items on the March 5th ballot will impact our daily lives (and real estate values ultimately) in Hancoc...

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January Market Update

Buyer confidence picked up in December which is reflected in January sales. Nearly twice as many homes sold in Jan ’24 vs Jan ’23 (13 vs 7), 5 of which were over $3MM. If priced properly to start, they sold quickly. Buyer’s confide...

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It’s Going To Be A Hot Summer

It's going to be a LONG - HOT Summer! How often should you deep water Parkway trees? Water deeply by setting your hose on a slow trickle or using a soaker hose near the base of the tree. Leave the hose on trickle for about 2 hours. On average...

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1031 Exchange Tip

Attention Investors: Anxious about finding a suitable replacement property for your 1031 exchange in time, especially in today’s low inventory environment? Check out DTS products (Delaware Statutory Trust) which are investment grade proper...

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People have been on the move – Sellers, Buyers and Real Estate professionals!!! The market is the strongest we have ever seen it so if you or someone you know is thinking of selling, call Loveland Carr NOW to discuss options. Q1 volume ...

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Tips for March

Before “springing ahead” we're getting a jump on things to maximize beauty and comfort at our homes in the warmer months. YOU can too! The March Maintenance Minute may provide just inspiration you need. Remember to set your clock...

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Hancock Park: A Bigger Bird’s-eye View

A week does not go by when I am not defining the boundaries of Hancock Park. This topic arises at most Sunday open houses, social engagements across town or out of state. I usually start by saying that we are located between Downtown Los An...

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