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Measure ULA Tax Update

LA voters passed Measure ULA (only 512k to 374k votes) in November 2022 which imposed a new “Homelessness and Housing Solutions” transfer tax on all real estate sales transactions in the city over $5 million. Though it is commonly referre...

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A Decade of Undersupply Forecasted

According to economist Danielle Hale, housing affordability is not expected to improve for prospective home buyers in the near future. This is primarily due to the high cost of borrowing and a lack of available homes on the market. ...

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1031 Exchange Tip

Attention Investors: Anxious about finding a suitable replacement property for your 1031 exchange in time, especially in today’s low inventory environment? Check out DTS products (Delaware Statutory Trust) which are investment grade proper...

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Q4 2022 Market Update

Q4 2022 Market Update in Hancock Park

Dare we say the market is ‘normalizing’? Q4 2022 was a time for social re-engagement after nearly 3 years. Our local Larchmont Family Fair was well attended as were many joyful holiday parties. What a great community we call home! The...

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