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Barry Hoffman & Chris Larson

“First, we want to express our sincere thanks to Coldwell Banker and most of all Sue Carr and Anne Loveland (and Janet) for taking such good care of us during the first half of this year when we were first deciding whether to list, and then listing, picking a buyer and closing the sale of our beloved home on North June Street.”

“Contrary to the defamatory and baseless remarks of the agent representing the buyer who purchased our home, Sue Carr was a pillar of professionalism and courtesy throughout our transaction. She advised as well, reassured us all along the way that everything would work out, maximized our profit on the deal (such that we realized far more than we originally expected) and she helped us present out home and maintain the improved presentation of our home from beginning to finish of the listing work.”

“Sue may be young, but she has established herself as a legend (and deservedly so) in the Los Angeles real estate market and we were not only grateful to have her on our side but proud of it as well. Her integrity, honesty, and forthrightness sets herself apart from many other brokers we have worked with over the years.”

“Needless to say, we have no reservation about recommending Sue Carr and Anne Loveland to any potential client. Both women worked well together and provided a seamless and painless transaction that we will always remember for how well it went.”

Sincerely yours,

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