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Former Windsor Square Resident

“On each individual’s life journey, moments arise when it becomes appropriate to ask for aid from a wise person in order to overcome the obstacles in the path and continue to move forward to the place where the fit it, and figure out their purpose on this planet. On this milestone day, I wish to express my heartfelt gratitude and thanks primarily to you (and secondarily to Janet, Sue and Rachel for their critical support) in using the wide assortment of skills, ability, experience, and magical tools that you possess to successfully manage and close the sale of our property in such a miserable market environment. The 2200 miles that separate us may make it impossible to communicate adequately my deep gratitude and appreciation for the job well done despite the challenges you confronted, but please know that your performance over the past 5 months reaffirmed my initial, unwavering belief that your team was absolutely the right choice to help us accomplish our goal. I will always be glad that our paths crossed briefly and that you possessed enough compassion, courage, and inner strength to accept the listing and help achieve a positive outcome against the odds!”

“Thank you Anne for being the wise woman I so needed at this moment.”

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