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JC Cutler

In a vast sea of real estate agents, it is often overwhelming to find the right one, and one that actually delivers critical market insights and actual results. I was fortunate to connect with Anne Loveland (and her partner Sue Carr) of Loveland Car Properties. I have bought and sold a number of homes through the years, but no one emerged as my strong partner and advocate during my home purchase process as prominently as Anne. Anne Loveland not only helped identify exactly the right home, she masterfully navigated a frenzy bidding war for the home I desperately wanted. Every step during the process, Anne provided critical knowledge and expert advice that allowed me to purchase the right home (and that is a critical word “right” home). She was not out there to push any house that may have appeared good, but had flaws, or was over priced. She told me when to walk away, and what to pursue. In my experience, there are agents that don’t possess the high moral and ethical standards essential to the home buying or selling process. Anne, without exception, sets the bar extremely high not just for the Los Angeles real estate market, but for the industry overall. Also of note, during my first transaction with Anne (yes, I have now used her several times) I was out of the country during an important part of the home inspection process. Not once did I worry that process was not moving forward seamlessly, and not once did I question Anne’s ability to have my best interest top of mind. She is the consummate professional. And during my second real estate transaction with Anne, she was able to identify an incredible property before it even hit the market. This pocket listing would never have been made available to me without Anne. She is dialed in, knowledgeable, and has a vast network of contacts that allows any buyer or seller to hugely benefit. It really would be silly to use anyone else, when you can simply have the best. Anne Loveland and Sue Carr are the best, and beyond lovely. I can’t wait until I have another opportunity to work with them again. Do yourself, your family and your livelihood a great favor, connect with Anne Loveland. And yes, you’re welcome.

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