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Laura Baker

The best real estate agents you could possibly work with in Hancock Park and the surrounding area are without question Anne, Janet and Sue. They have over 30 years experience in real estate, and no one could be more knowledgeable and hard-working than these amazing women. All have lived in the  area for years—Anne grew up in the neighborhood, and they know just about every house and its history I n Hancock Park. The Loveland Carr team helped me lease my Hancock Park home, and found tenants with whom I felt most comfortable handing over my house to live in and care for while I reside elsewhere for work for a few years. Even though real estate agents don’t make a lot of money on a lease, they worked just as hard in preparing and listing my house and finding tenants as they would have if it were a sale. They reviewed the various items that needed work, and helped me prioritize these into my budget in a way that would maximize the value of the home, not just for a lease, but for possible sale down the road. They have an incredible sense of design and style, and can recommend workers for just about anything that you need to fix or renovate. On top of all of their expertise and hard work, these women are super fun to work with. They are always upbeat and funny, and are well connected to the Hancock Park community. Their reputation for holding wonderful open houses extends far and wide, and agents will come from many neighborhoods away, not just to see what will be guaranteed to be a beautiful home, but for Janet’s home-cooked meal. They treat their clients like friends, and their homes as if they were their own. Their personal touch on top of their considerable expertise guarantees my own loyalty to them—I would not consider any other real estate agent whether I wanted to buy, sell or lease in Hancock Park.

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