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Lee Evan Flicker

“I have had the privilege of knowing and being represented by Sue Carr as a realtor for the last 15 years. She represented my wife and me on the sale of our last three homes. Aside from her personal presentation, that is always professional and meticulous, her love for the work she is doing has been obvious by her acute understanding of the marketplace. Knowing where to price any property is crucial to the sale, especially in the changing marketplace we are confronted with today. Sue’s understanding of pricing has proven to be “on the money” and should be trusted. Her honesty, thorough explanations and understanding of contractual issues have always been clear and helpful. Her attention to detail in staging and marketing my Windsor Square estate was crucial to its sale. Sue has always been sensitive to scheduling showings and punctual without fail.”

“It has been my pleasure to have her as my realtor and over these many years come to call her my friend.”

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