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The Benoit Family

Lynda and I just want to restate what has been obvious to us since we first met you at the end of last year: you are fantastic at what you do, and we are grateful for all your work, help and guidance towards buying this house. We began our search with you laying down an extremely difficult problem to solve (as we quickly learned in touring this bonkers market). The problem compounded when I left and started working on my own. Throughout our home search, you remained accessible, flexible, patient, consistent, reassuring and friendly. Your level of thinking, your service and your communication have all been outstanding. We know it’s you just doing your job, but we also know that great service comes from great thoughtfulness, which we in particular understand, value and appreciate. You made us feel like we were as important to you as your richest clients buying a $10M mansion in Hancock Park.

We left the Bay Area on a high after an awesome experience selling our loft with our agent there, and now once again have nothing but positive feelings having bought here in LA with you, Ali and your awesome team. GO REALTORS!

I think this goes without saying, but we will recommend and market your firm hard in the coming months and years with our friends, family and colleagues. What a wonderful experience we just had with Loveland Carr / Coldwell.

We really look forward to nurturing this great relationship with you guys, both professionally and socially.


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