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Ross A.

I met Janet briefly when she represented the seller of a house I bought 23 years ago.  Things went smoothly then but nothing could have prepared me for the enormous expertise, knowledgeability and, yes, conviviality, she and her colleagues displayed when I came to sell the same house 23 years later.

Working with her daughter Anne Loveland and longtime partner Sue Carr, they handled every aspect of the sale with consummate skill. Having a long history of successful home sales in the area, they had seen it all and always knew exactly what to do.  Setting the price, making repairs, marketing, and handling the myriad financial and legal forms that need to be filled out–they did it all effortlessly, or so it would seem.  And all the people who worked with and for them were as competent and efficient as they could be.  Like the ladies themselves, they were good humored and a pleasure to work with.

It was a sentimental if not a difficult sale for me, and they were keenly aware and understanding of my emotional moods, exhibiting much patience.  Janet, Anne, and Sue are truly devoted to their profession–which in their hands is really more of an art.

Janet, Anne, and Sue

Will make your deal go though

The price will make you happy

So call and make it snappy

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