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Sandy Smolan & Pamela Reed

“Earlier this year, Sue Carr handled the sale of our house at 500 South Arden Boulevard in Hancock Park. We cannot praise her enough for her guidance and for all the support she provided. She was a friend, a confident, a brilliant strategist, a master stager, and a vocal advocate. It is not by accident that Ms. Carr has such a stellar reputation in the neighborhood; she demonstrated daily that the reasons for her success come from a mastery of the details of the process, an intuitive instinct about people, and her understanding that a real estate sale is above all things a highly personal transaction.

Our particular sale was complicated due to a flood three weeks into the listing, which required taking the house off the market for over two months. At every stage of the process, no matter how challenging, Ms. Carr remained solution based. She is like a master chess player, always anticipating and devising new strategist. Throughout the process, we continued to remain confident that were being guided by a highly skilled broker with a very resourceful team.

Her humor, compassion, charm and her great sense of style and class were matched by an extraordinary thorough knowledge of the mechanics of the sale and a superb handling of all the details. We are extremely grateful to Sue, her partners Janet and Anne Loveland, and their assistant Renee for all the support they gave our family during the sale of our home.”

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