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Sarah & Eddie

As a first-time home buyer I have nothing but great things to say about Anne Loveland. We met at the open house – Anne was the listing agent and wound up acting as dual agent for us and the seller – and throughout the whole process treated us fairly and looked out for our interest.  We wound up getting a deal done for a house that we love, and through the whole time answered all of our questions (there were tons – first-time buyers) very quickly with accuracy and respect.  I never felt dumb for having brought something up and we never had to wait very long to get a response – sometimes even late on a weekend night.   Buying a house involves a lot of work: paperwork, inspections, a tight timeline – Anne managed all of it and was pleasant to talk to throughout – we looked forward to seeing her and knew that we could trust what she told us.  I would happily recommend Anne Loveland and her team for anyone buying a home.

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