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Useful advice from the Hancock Park homeowners association today

The Drought, Our Trees, The Air We Breath

Dear Hancock Park and Surrounding Neighbors,
Trees are essential to our very existence. Their power alone manifests as the air we breathe – so let’s not take them for granted.
Now that we’re being asked to limit landscape watering, our good sense and the DWP is reminding us that we must still water our trees. Our trees provide shade that lowers our soaring temperatures, they convert CO2 to oxygen, help lower our energy costs and they clean the air of unhealthy pollutants.
So, give your trees, especially the parkway trees, a regular (twice a month), good, deep soaking! Consider using a deep root watering tool! There are many easy to use deep root watering tools on the market. i.e
Does deep root watering really work? Yes!

Not only is deep root watering trees the best way to get your trees quenched and thriving, but using the right deep root watering system is the most efficient way to do it. It’s also great for the environment because you’ll be using less water.


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