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We’re all in this together!

Today we are sharing a message from our very active and engaged local community leaders in Los Angeles. We are fortunate and grateful to the Hancock Park Homeowners Association volunteers for their service and care.

Dear Surrounding Greater Wilshire Neighbors,

Tomorrow’s election will shape our City for the next four to eight years. Your ballot will determine our next Mayor, City Attorney, Controller and Council Members in CD5 and CD13.

For our Greater Wilshire neighbors in CD 13, here is a link to the two candidate nights recently hosted by our neighbors to the east in Windsor Square and Larchmont Village: There are some fundamental basic differences between the two candidates. Please take a minute to listen. Here are some highlights:

Policing. Incumbent Mitch O’Farrell affirmed his support for LAPD, and his view that more officers are needed to be hired, consistent with the already allocated, unused funding. Candidate Hugo Soto-Martinez described himself as an abolitionist and stated that he would not hire additional officers, but would redeploy the funds for other types of response personnel.
Encampments. O’Farrell stated that he supports enforcement of the City’s anti-camping ordinance to create safe zones at our parks and schools, as well as a variety of temporary and permanent housing and social service efforts for the homeless. Soto-Martinez stated that he opposes the City’s anti-camping ordinance and will not enforce it, while also advocating housing and social service solutions for the homeless.
Historic Preservation. O’Farrell stated that he supports our neighborhood’s historic preservation zones and would even like to help us add Larchmont Village to that list if Larchmont Village wants to renew its preservation effort. Soto-Martinez was silent on the future of Larchmont.

Your vote counts! Become informed! Mark your ballots!

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