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And the winners are…..

The 2nd Annual “Pie Baking Contest” was a big hit yesterday at the Larchmont Family Fair.

14 very creative bakers entered to win!

“Best in Show” and for the “Teeny” category went to 14 year old  Katie Kim for her Apple Pie!

Best in show Katie


A special shout out to local residents and judges for their enthusiasm and ability to eat 14 pieces of pie! It was a tough job….


  • Daphne Brogdon (co-owner of Prawn restaurant & most recently featured on Bobby Flay)
  • Chef Mark Peel (co owner of Prawn and formerly of Spago, Campanile and La Brea Bakery)
  • Phil Cochran (manager of local Vernetti restaurant)
All local residents judged the homemade pies on the basis of overall presentation, tastiness and the name of the pie.  Once winners were announced, the pies were shared with all!
Toward the end we ran out of plates and forks! I mean……look at these pies!!!!
The sponsors

“Tiny pies” for kids 12 and under 

#1 Lilah Feuerstein (9) for her “Pear & Apple I forgot” for balance of crust and fruit, loved texture and variety of fruits

#2 Theo (7) and August (10) Mulkerin for their “Apple Pie Cinnamon Roll” for original presentation, crust & intensity of fruit

#3 Lalita Olazabal  (11) for her “Apple of my pie” for flavor of filling

Honorable mention went to Artie Parsons for his Apple pie


‘Teeny pies” for 13 to 19 year olds 

#1 Katie Kim (14) for her “Apple Pie” was hands down best pie – best in category and show for best crust, filling and presentation”.

All judges want the recipe!

#2 Benny Buckley (14) for his “BB’s Perfect Pumpkin Pie” which was good like candy

#3 Amelia Tankenson (14) for her  “Boo-Berry pie”


“Tempting  pies ”   Adult category

#1 Adena Halpern & Jonathan Goldstein’s “Apple Crumble” overall presentation, excellent crumbs & will balanced flavors

#2 Allison Ceppi’s   “Whipped pumpkin spice pie” killed it!

#3 Bindu Vargese’s “Apple Pie” for flavor of filling and spices


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